Blogs still rule

After publishing my post on Network Awesome I received a nice “thank you” email from the site’s founder, Jason Forrest. Jason is an electronic musician who has also worked under the name “Donna Summer” and has held down an on-air shift at the legendary freeform station WFMU.

He agreed to do an email interview with me and so I sent along my questions. I hope to hear back from him soon so I can share his responses.

Sometimes I forget how blogging can help connect people with similar interests. Sure, I might have heard from Jason if I’d only tweeted about Network Awesome (and I did), or posted on facebook (yep, that too) or posted on a discussion forum (nope, didn’t do that). But a blog post still wields a bit more weight. First off, it’s less ephemeral than a tweet, which is mostly lost after a week or two. Furthermore, a blog is longer-form, so you can more fully develop an idea, with richer examples and links than 140 characters or a facebook status update permit.

Twenty years ago folks into retro TV shows might have been able to meet via zines, but it would certainly take longer, with correspondence happening over snail mail. With a blog someone can find you with a simple Google search. Or if you’re writing about someone else’s website, they might find you by checking their referral logs, which list all the sites that referred readers to a site.

In any event, this nice little happenstance further encourages me to keep up with my blogging resumption here at mediageek.



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  1. […] As I mentioned the other day, Network Awesome creator Jason Forrest dropped me a nice “thank you” email after I wrote about finding and enjoying his video curation site and channel. I asked him for an interview to learn more about NA, and much to my luck, he agreed. So here is our email exchange where he tells me more about the creation and raison d’être of Network Awesome. […]

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