Benign neglect and recoverIng that feeling

Hello, blog. It’s been a while.

It’s a periodic thing where I neglect you for a while. We’ve been together for a decade, and had our ups and downs. I don’t mean to leave you all by your lonesome… But then… Excuses, excuses…. I do.

I do most of my writing these days over at Radio Survivor! generally twice a week. At RS you also get to enjoy the research, wisdom and insights of my co-bloggers Jennifer Waits and Matthew Lasar. Then every other month I poop out some wisdom for Streaming Media magazine. Finally, there’s the twitter. Unfortunately the trusty old media geek blog gets lost in that.

I would love to get back to the feeling I had when I first found blogging in 2000. Then I’d whip out blog posts in a few minutes, quick and snappy. Now I belabor them like mini theses. Instead of open up the browser and posting a quick link or thought, I feel like I have to write a super-useful, fully formed essay. And that attitude is kind of anti-blogging to begin with.

I want to lose this self-defeating attitude and get back to carefree blogging, both herenand at Radio Survivor.

However, this is not a promise. It is a desire. Writing this post on my shiny new iPad after eating my lunch is a first step. Otherwise my typical approach would have been to think about the post as I chew and swallow, making a mental note to write the post later when I’m at my computer, after work…. After I’ve washed the dishes and read some other blogs…. You get the point. The lack of activity here since freaking March is evidence for how that goes.

So, maybe this is a step forward, or maybe you won’t hear from me for another 5 months. Make your bets now.





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