Bizzarro World: Police Raid Station In Effort To Save Host of Bad Cop, No Donut! Radio Program?

As Jake relays, it’s a bizarre situation for Ron Anicich, host and producer of the muckraking radio program, Bad Cop, No Donut:

On Thursday morning [May 25] a Toronto police SWAT team raided CKLN during my show, Bad Cop, No Donut! The station was on auto-pilot at the time because I was not well and was offered a ride to my front door by a friend and left about an hour before they arrived. CKLN has still not officially said a word to me about it.

I actually found out about it from what I pieced together from other ckln volunteers who had heard rumours but assumed I knew all about it. Many of them sent confusing emails like “I heard the cops really didn’t like their show this week.” By this morning i managed to get someone
from the station’s management who confirmed that this was true.

Apparently, the police say that someone listening to my show believed that someone at ckln was being attacked and called 9-1-1. If you listen to the show there is a segment where a recording is played of the police torturing a man in tennessee. This is obviously the segment in question. If you heard the show you could have noted a few things which would indicate to any person of average intelligence that there was no attack taking place at CKLN.

I’ve been a fan of Ron’s show for a while, and listening to it serves as a massive wake-up call as to how much police misconduct goes on every single week across the US and Canada. It’s just that nobody–besides Ron–really collates it all, so each incident seems like an isolated event. Bad Cop, No Donut‘s reportage paints an entirely different picture.

I plan to interview Ron late tonight for tomorrow’s radioshow. I’ll ask Ron about the police incident, though he’s already told me that he doesn’t have a lot of facts yet. We’ll also talk about the show and its purpose, as well.

Jake interviewed Ron on last week’s edition of Lying Media Bastards. It’s a much longer interview than I can do on my half-hour program, and they cover a lot of interesting territory about the nature of policing.



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