Another Sinclair Newsroom Goes Bye-Bye

In what is becoming a common refrain for Sinclair, the company is shutting down its local news operation at WSTR-TV in Cincinnati. It’s Sinclair’s second newsroom in the city, but nevertheless employs 19 staffers who will all be looking for work.






One response to “Another Sinclair Newsroom Goes Bye-Bye”

  1. George Avatar

    The article says the news department had 12, not 19, staffers. It also says the company is looking to employ some of the 12 at their other station. So not all 12 are actually “looking for work.”

    Keep in mind that Sinclair has made a reputation delivering news that has an obvious right-wing slant, as opposed to an unbiased news service. One less right wing news operation is nothing to cry about. What I take from this is the viewers in Cincinnati want unbiased news. They’re not watching this channel, which is why they’re shutting down the department. The people have spoken!

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