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For some of you fair readers mediageek may have been off-line for nearly a week — my apologies.

It’s not been completely off-line, however. The domain went into domain limbo through a changeover of hosts and registrars. But, I actually moved the blog over to in November — since then most of what you’ve read has just been forwarded over from the .org domain.

Unfortunately, my planned smooth transition didn’t go as smoothly as hoped, so everyone hitting and its various .rss feeds hasn’t seen anything for the last week. Anyone hitting shouldn’t have had any problems.

For continued mediageek goodness, let me recommend changing rss feeds if you read it or get the podcast. From now on, please use:

Now, all the old feed should continue to work — I have them forwarded to these feeds as appropriate. But the feeds listed above are the newest, and most reliable ones to ue.

Also, if you sent email to the address in the last week, it probably bounced, and that address is back online, too, so please resend.

Thanks for reading!






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