mediageek zines now available for purchase online

I really am not the world’s greatest zinester. Ever since the transition to WordPress there’s been no links to the mediageek zine page, and there’s not been any page or info for mediageek zine #3 which came out last June.

Finally I’ve got the new zine page together and added the ability to order the zines using a credit card online via PayPal (no existing account necessary).

The zine is my print outlet, primarily for longer form articles, reviews and essays. I like all types of media, and think each has a place, which is one reason why I started publishing a zine nearly three years ago.

At just $2.50 – $3.50 per issue it’s pretty cheap entertainment that will last more than a few busrides (or bathroom breaks).

You can even preview some of the content:

Oh, and you can order the old fashioned way if you want to, as well.






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