Welcome to the new mediageek

I’ve taken the big plunge and moved from Moveable Type to WordPress. I did so on the advice of other bloggers I respect (and who are more software savvy than I), and because WordPress is a free open source project. Moveable Type was unfortunately also getting a little creaky for me in terms of problems with comment spam and trackback spam.

Another reason for the move is that I also am changing webserver hosts to something a little more reliable (though also expensive). The new host has “one-click install” of WordPress, making it bone-simple for me to get it set up on my blogs. The migration to the new host is not complete yet. I have not put in the change for the domain, so you are reading this as a result of a redirect. The radioshow has been given its own subdomain, and I may add other subdomains as the need arises.

In the background I’ll be cleaning up old stuff and making things look nicer and be more organized. Although I’m cleaning, I’m taking pains to minimize dead links. Even though all my old blog entries have been imported into WordPress, which has a different database/URL schema, I’m keeping all the old html so that old links and google searches continue to work.

Aside from a new look, the move should make mediageek more reliable with more uptime.

This is my second blog migration — my first happened about 2.5 years ago when I went from Blogger to Moveable Type. I am sure am glad that migrating blogs is relatively easy, though you do have to be unafraid to use a command line and text editor (but not much more).

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