The NAB Radio Show Scene in Philly

Last week the National Association of Broadcasters held its annual Radio Show convention in Philadephia, home to the Prometheus Radio Project. Jesse Walker from Reason magazine has written a nice report on the proceedings, emphasizing some of the emerging conflicts both inside and outside the NAB.

By Jesse’s account (which is the only non-industry one I’ve read), this year’s Radio Show wasn’t as eventful as last year’s one in Seattle, which was confronted by the Reclaim the Media conference and the mircopower mosquito fleet. He says that this year NAB officials seemed a little worried about some reporters who came in on press passes and were working for Prometheus, since last year some Prometheus folks snuck in and set up shop as “Cheap Channel.”

Apparently the Prometheus folks were well behaved, though inquisitive. But according to Jesse, the most inquisitive and challenging reporter came from within the industry — read his account for more.






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