Hello From Bowling Green

I’m here at the Allied Media Conference in lovely Bowling Green, OH. It’s been a fun first day of tabling and going to a few sessions. I’ve only been to two — both caucuses for the Indymedia Centers in attendance and on organizing microcinemas. They were both productive, though I wish we could have a second follow-up for each. It’s tough to bring together a roomful of people who don’t know each other and get a constructive dialog flowing. But, to everyone’s credit, I thought each caucus went about as well as could be expected, and we’re moving towards having a US IMC national gathering/conference, and a bunch of indy filmmakers and microcinemas have been put in touch with each other.

The AMC is also the debut of mediageek zine #1 which I will announce more about here when I get back. So far the reaction to the zine has been positive and I’ve had lots of great conversations.

Because of all this action, I’ve done no interviews for the radio show, but I hope to get to that tomorrow — there are so many interesting and creative people who I want to talk to on minidisc.

Now it’s time for dinner and bowling.






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