Why the FCC Might Ignore Public Comments

The Smoking Gun filed a FOIA request for all the public comments made to the agency over the airing of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on CBS this fall. Predictably, the majority of the comments were negative and many were part of coordinated campaigns run by such outfits as the American Family Association. But, there were positive comments, too, which also happen to be funnier. So TSG decided to post an equal number from both categories. Here’s my favorite (all errors faithfully transcribed from the original):

As a Republican who watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, I can’t believe that you oppose such a wonderful program. It was a much better show then the Bachelor, and I got to do something that Jesus did himself. Spank the monkey.

Liberals suck!!!

Buch in 04!!!

And, apparently according to one commenter, the American Family Association, which is also very concernced about the “homosexual agenda,” needn’t be so worried about the Victoria’s Secret show. This commenter queries FCC chair Michael Powell:
“can’t you stand to watch beautiful women or does that offend your gay lifestyle. “

Gee whiz, after having to wade through this round of comments, how can we expect the FCC to take seriously our comments critical of such mundane things as corporate consolidation and media diversity? It’s only the fate of democracy that’s on the line — doncha know that thongs and liberals are the real problem?






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