More Gov’t Attacks on Indymedia — Greece

According to a feature on Global Indymedia, the Athens IMC has been targeted by the Greek gov’t in its “anti-terrorist summer,” a program its using to persecute leftist political activists:

By the end of September, Indymedia Athens was among the groups targetted in the witch-hunt climate, with establishment journalists contending that the “site is supporting the terrorists; therefore it must be shut down and those responsible for it arrested.” Soon later, there was an attempt by the head of the Department of Cyber Crime of the Greek national police to infiltrate the editorial group of the Athens IMC. Athens Indymedia, however, has also seen support in favor of freedom of speech.

The Athens IMC editorial collective has issued a statement, and has further coverage in English.






3 responses to “More Gov’t Attacks on Indymedia — Greece”

  1. rabble Avatar

    Don’t forget at the same time there is a petition working it’s way through the Australian government to shut down Indymedia Melbourne and two anti-WTO protests. They’re trying to use net censorship laws written to ban porn. It’s crazy but one middle road solution would be to force melbourne indymedia to verify all of it’s users are adults. 😉

    It’s been suggested we get some money together to pay for a stipend so we have have somebody track and organize all the legal issues facing indymedia. It wouldn’t be possible on a global level but perhaps some of the US imc’s could do that.

    By the way, i’m glad you switched to MT, now i can comment on mediageek. 😉

  2. paul Avatar

    I’m glad you like the change.

    Yeah — I found an article at the UK’s Internet Magazine that quotes New South Wales police commissioner Michael Costa, who says that Indymedia Melbourne is one of the sites ‘promoting violence’ in its anti-WTO stance. Of course the article also notes that “the site is hosted outside Australia so any ban would potentially be ineffective.”

  3. rabble Avatar

    I think the precident though could be bad. Sure pushing things across borders keeps them at bay for a while but if they really want something they’ll go through the legal hoops to get it. That’s when things will get interesting.

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