What A Representative Really Thinks About “Democracy”

Rep. Howard Berman, a California Democrat, is sponsoring the “Peer-to-Peer Privacy Prevention Act” which, among other things, would allow record companies to hack P2P networks (including your computer if it’s part of the network). Wired News reports Berman’s true view on open debate of issues of public importance:

“Those who oppose such legislation ‘are generally piracy profiteers who benefit through the theft from creators, and they don’t have a place at the table,’ Berman wrote in a statement to the CATO Institute last week. ”

That table must be at the hearings on the bill that the House Judiciary Committee is holding today. Indeed, the curtain has been pulled back on how our elected “representatives” really think “democracy” should happen: if you don’t like what someone might say, keep them out of the hearing! Well fuck Rep. Berman and the RIAA together. If you’re living in Mr. Berman’s district, keep in mind that he doesn’t give two shits about you unless you’re an entertainment cartel exec feeding him twenties from between your butt cheeks. Remember that at the polls.


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