Almost Home from Seattle

  • Almost Home from Seattle
    After about 30 hours of driving I’m in Madison, WI getting ready to head back to Champaign. I think the conference was mostly successful, though what excited me most was seeing the mosquito fleet go into action. According to a post on Seattle IMC from one of the mosquito helpers, there were 10 different unlicensed micropower stations on the air in Seattle over the course of the last week. Several of those stations have traveled back to their homes, but apparently 104.1 FM continues to broadcast.

    This is one of 16 billboards reportedly liberated by media democratists. My only wish is that they’d had the time and materials to do a more sophisticated and subversive billboard liberation. But I’ll note that the one in this picture is one of those that has three different images that rotate, so the liberators clearly had to work fast to finish.

    I’m still getting my various pictures and audio organized, and much will appear here and on the radio show in the coming weeks. But before I sign off, perhaps this is a sign that we in Seattle made some impression on the NAB — from yesterday’s Washington Post:

    The radio industry has been taking a battering as big corporations have
    gobbled up more stations, imposing a one-size-fits-all formula, and
    satellite radio has been making inroads.

    The National Association of Broadcasters’ solution? Soliciting bids for a
    $250,000 public relations contract that would:

    “-Address and neutralize negative perceptions about the industry;
    -Promote positive media stories about the unique value of terrestrial radio;
    -Provide ‘rapid response’ to attacks from competitors and industry critics.”

    That should take care of it.

    (thanks to FAIR for the link)

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