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  • Reclaim the Media with mediageek
    The Reclaim the Media conference, which is coincident with the NAB’s Radio Show in Seattle, is really shaping up and looking good. The conference happens Sept. 10 – 15. The schedule is now posted, and there’s lots of cool shit going on. The kick-off event is “Surrealist Subversions” with my friend Ron Sakolsky. Other events include a video/lecture presentation by Negativland on “Creative Media Resistance,” and a day-long “Media and Democracy Teach-In and DIY Media Festival” on Friday Sept. 13.

    I will be traveling out there for the festivities, which also includes some rallies (and other things) targeted at the National Association of Broadcasters and their Washington cabal. My traveling companion is John Anderson of and the Workers Int’l News Service. We’re driving out with all of our gear (camcorders, minidisc recorders, etc.) to fully document and participate. I’ll be doing my best to keep up with the blog, posting what’s going down. I’ll also be producing the radioshow from Seattle, sending it over the Internet to be played on air at WEFT and to be posted to this here website.

    I’m looking forward to this trip. It looks like it will be an energizing and enlightening meeting of some of the most potent thinkers and doers in and around independent, and grassroots media. If you can, you should go!

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