RaiseTheFist Editor To Be Indicted

  • RaiseTheFist Editor To Be Indicted
    From the Infoshop.org News Kiosk:

    “Federal prosecutors are indicting Sherman Austin, 19 year old founder / webmaster of Raise the Fist (http://www.RaisetheFist.com), an anarchist independent media / direct action network. Sherman is being charged with 2 felony violations of the following: 18 U.S.C. 842 (p)(2)(A): DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION RELATING TO EXPLOSIVES, DESTRUCTIVE DEVICES, AND WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WITH THE INTENT THAT SUCH INFORMATION BE USED IN FURTHERANCE OF A FEDERAL CRIME OF VIOLENCE; 26 U.S.C. 5861(d): POSSESSION OF A FIREARM WHICH IS NOT REGISTERED TO HIM IN THE NATIONAL FIREARMS REGISTRATION AND TRANSFER RECORD.

    Sherman rejected a guilty plea today in court offering him 1 month in jail, 5 months in a half-way house and 3 years supervised release. If found guilty in trial, Sherman could serve a maximum of 3-4 years in prison.


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