Infoshop’s News Kiosk has discovered

  • Infoshop’s News Kiosk has discovered that the Italian newsmagazine Panorama has identified anarchist and Indymedia websites as aids to terrorists, including and Chuck0 sizes things up pretty accurately:

    “This article would be pretty amusing, if it wasn’t for the long history of the media’s practice of defaming, lying, and misrepresenting radical groups. It might be easy to laugh off this sensationalism, but it helps create hysteria against radical ideas. It is especially troubling given the Italian government’s recent track record in raiding radical newspapers and media centers. Just look at the bloody assault by the Italian government on the Independent Media Center in Genoa last year.

    The Italian government, headed by media tyrant Berlusconi, also has raided homes and tried to shut down activist websites. Several years ago, the Italian authorities tried to shut down Bits Against the Empire.

    While it is easy to keep websites running despite government attempts at censorship, the irresponible journalists at Panorama are contributing to an atmosphere were not just radical ideas are outlawed, but any views critical of the government are criminalized.

    And a commentor to this article posts a fine quote from Mussolini that we should keep in mind: “”Fascism is corporatism”

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