FCC Business Just Under Our Radar

  • FCC Business Just Under Our Radar
    FCC watching can be a full-time job. That’s why radio stations and other telecomm business have to hire $500/hr communications law firms to keep them legal (or at least out of trouble), and on the inside track. How’s that for democracy?

    After reading my last post about the FCC’s five-year strategic plan, my pal John Anderson e-mailed to remind me that there’s all sorts of FCC biz going on just below the surface. He points out the following:

    Another thing you might be interested to know is that the FCC’s “Spectrum Policy Task Force” is holding two “public workshops” on unlicensed spectrum use and on interference protection (two biggies for radio, no?)….you can see the list of participants here: http://hraunfoss.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DA-02-1816A1.txt

    Surprisingly enough, note that there’s just about nobody represented on any of the panels to speak for the public (or “the consumer,” as the FCC likes to call us).

    If you don’t mind picking through a daily heap of jargon-encrusted regulatory goodness, you can subscribe to the FCC’s Daily Digest e-mail, which is an e-mail summary list of investigations, inquiries and actions going on at the Commission. I let my subscription lapse a couple of years ago when I changed e-mail addresses and I’m starting to think I need that daily wake-up call again.

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