SJ Mercury News: “High-tech hangout

  • SJ Mercury News: “High-tech hangout turns amateurs into digital video pros”:

    “In the 10 weeks since it has opened, the space known as DV Dojo has attracted film students, video buffs and storytellers who squeeze into a narrow, brick and blond wood room for a weekend class, a five-week course or a film screening…”

    This is the kind of thing we’re trying to do with our Indpendent Media Center — though with much less cash, and so many more time-strapped volunteers. We’re just starting to get into video, having finally acquired our first DV camcorder (rather than using borrowed ones). Unfortunately, I’m actually one of the speedbumps here because I’m one of the more experienced video people and I just haven’t had the time lately to start bringing people together. Like so many volunteer organizations, it seems like a very small few are the primary motivators and organizers for the vast majority of projects. But how to convince your average volunteer that s/he can start up some new effort without mortgaging her life and free-time away is a question for another day…

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