mediageek status report

  • mediageek status report
    I don’t think I’ve done one of these before, so this is the first. Two items of business to cover: First, I am going to be changing hosting of mediageek in the next few weeks. I’m moving to a locally based community web-hosting server. This is a nascent service that the Urbana IMC is co-coordinating to provide low-cost web hosting that gives access to all sorts of CGIs, dynamic content and such. For mediageek this means that I will be switching my blogging service from Blogger to Moveable Type. My reason for making the switch has nothing to do with dissatisfaction with either my current web host or Blogger — rather, true to my mediageek principles, I want to work with and support the local grassroots effort. Moveable Type is also more secure–because it’s server-side and doesn’t use ftp–and feature-rich, though until I play with it more, I don’t know how it will affect the site.On top of that, the local host will give me more space for hosting sound files.

    Which brings me to my second item — show archives. You’ll notice that the radioshow archive hasn’t been updated since April 17. That’s due to my home minidisc deck biting the dust, and due to running out of space where I’m hosting the RealAudio files. Since I’m moving to the community server I will start archiving the radio show in mp3, and maybe ogg vorbis, the open-source audio codec. I’ve acquired a new minidisc recorder for my computer, but since I’ve bought a house and moved, I don’t yet have my home setup completely together — I hope to have this done this weekend.

    But, I have uploaded last week’s mediageek radio show, and it’s ready for listening in mp3. The features are on the upcoming Portland Zine Symposium and Indpendent Publishing Resource Center Zine Library. The program is encoded at 24kbps and is 5 MB total. Download and listen away!

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