Zine Contact Info for Today’s mediageek radio show

  • Zine Contact Info for Today’s mediageek radio show
    These are the ‘zines my guest Anita and I talked about on today’s mediageek radio show:

    Words Soak Up Life: A Reading Compilation Zine. Available from Celia C. Perez,
    2527 N. California Ave., Chicago, IL 60647. $3-$5 on a sliding scale; pay
    what you can. All proceeds from this zine will go to The Women’s Prison Book
    Project and FirstBook.
    Browsing Room. Available from Tara Moyle, 2621 Stuart Ave., #34, Richmond, VA
    23220. Cost is $2.

    Zine Librarian Zine. Available from Greig Means, PO Box 12409, Portland, OR
    97212. Cost is $1. Greig also does the most excellent comics entitled Clutch.
    The latest issue (#2) is available from the same address for $1.

    For the Clerisy: Good Words for Readers. Available from Brant Kresovich, PO
    Box 404, Getzville, NY 14068-0404. He writes: “I trade for the usual: a
    letter of comment or your zine or $2. I publish seasonally.”

    If we have time, I’ll also talk about two zines about travel and place:
    Dream Whip #11. Available from Bill, PO Box 53832, Lubbock, TX, 79453. Cost is

    Here: The Stories Behind Where You Are. Available from Here, PO Box 310281,
    Red Hook Station, Brooklyn, NY 11231. Cost is $3. They have a Web site at

    One food zine: Grub: Fine Food for Dumb Shits. Available from Grub, PO Box 1471, Iowa City,
    IA 52240. Cost is a zine trade or a few first class stamps.

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