Marathon Broadcast to Save Internet

  • Marathon Broadcast to Save Internet Radio!
    Duane Whittingham, producer of the Tom and Darryl Show, e-mailed me this announcement:

    The RIAA and CARP want the Library of Congress to impose large
    fees imposed on webcasters, this has been discussed on the various
    shows on W0KIE and the net. Well now via one of the largest
    Webcasters on the net WOLF FM there will be a 12 hour marathon to
    talk about this issue and get the word out. Joined by the C-Band
    Satellite Network W0KIE (GE7/AMC7-Ch.5-7.5 mHZ)
    , the Dishnuts Audio
    feeds and other net radio stations around the globe we hope to
    really make some noise on this Day of Silence May 1st (Mayday).

    Programming will be live all day from 8am CT till 8pm CT OR
    9am ET till 9pm ET Wednesday May 1st, 2002.

    Co-hosted by Steve Wolf of Wolf FM and W0KIE/RFD Host Blair Alper
    of “Life The Universe and Everything” Show
    , they will talk
    about the RIAA, Carp and how it will impact and shutdown webcasters
    all over, they will have industry leaders on as well as take your
    phone calls. Join us for this live special broadcast.

    If you are a webcaster or radio station you are allowed to carry
    all or part, space is made at top of hour for IDs and 2 min breaks
    at :15 and :45 pass the hour.

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