Mad Props for mediageek radio show

  • Mad Props for mediageek radio show
    The esteemed Carl Estabrook noted the aforementioned radio show in his biweekly column in the local alternative weekly, mentioning it as one of The Octopus, calling it one of “a couple of good new radio programs on the subject” of media criticism. Carl further compliments because the other show is Robert McChesney’s “Media Matters.” He says, “programs like these are successful because people are not fools and want to know how they’re being hoodwinked.”

    For his part Carl has been dissecting the mainstream news with a big Chomsky bent for years on his WEFT program News from Neptune, along with co-host Paul Meuth. I suspect that the two of them are responsible for exposing thousands to a critical viewpoint of the media informed by the analytical framework introduced by Chomsky and Herman in Manufacturing Consent.

    OK, enough horn tootin’…

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