Friday’s mediageek radio show Now On-line

  • Friday’s mediageek radio show Now On-line
    Despite the last three posts, I promise not all blog entries will be radio show related. Actually, the whole show is not on-line, since it was pledge drive at WEFT and so that consumes a portion of the program that would otherwise be chock-full of prime mediageek content. Rather than make you, the ‘net listener, sit through our pitches for money, I decided just to post the meat of it all (though, please don’t let that stop you from pledging to community radio WEFT, whether you live in Champaign-Urbana, or not, since without it, there would be no mediageek at all — or if not, pledge to YOUR local community radio station if you’re lucky enough to have one).

    The feature of the program is an interview with Skidmark Bob of Freak Radio Santa Cruz, discussing the occasion of that station’s seven-year anniversary — one that few pirate stations reach.

  • Listen to part 1 in RealAudio (5 min)
  • Listen to part 2 in RealAudio (8 min)

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