Some intellectual property stuff: Lawmeme

  • Some intellectual property stuff:
    Lawmeme — a pretty good law blog from the Yale Law School — has an annotated version of ZDNet’s interview with movie industry bossman Jack Valenti. Tellingly, the Valenti interview is entitled, “Terrorized by file swappers.” (oh, boo hoo, poor Jack. Can my interview be called “terrorized by greedy myopic corporate morons?”) The annotating is good, though I was hoping for something a little more, er, factual — perhaps some direct law and literature citations. Still, some counterspin from an informed commentator is worthwhile.

    mp3 is NOT a is a relatively new blog that promises to be “Your source for DMCA/SSSCA/RIAA/MPAA news on fair use rights for your digital music and movies.” So far it looks to be a pretty good resource.

    (both links via the excellent infoanarchy)

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