I just stumbled on to

  • I just stumbled on to Peter Suber’s Free Online Scholarship newsletter, which covers “How the Internet is Transforming Scholarly Research and Publication.” Although aimed at scholars and researchers, a quick perusal of the archives indicate to me that it would be of interest and use to anyone concerns about freedom of speech and civil liberties on the Internet, the world’s newest prevasive medium. (via infoanarchy)

    I am occasionally asked how I keep up on all the myriad media issues and how much time it takes me. In truth it’s about an hour a day of e-mail, web surfing and periodcal reading, on average. When I get a moment I intend to reveal these patented daily research strategies, which really only amount to a list of resources, annotated as to their relatively usefulness. My hope is that even more folks start websites and weblogs on issues of importance to them, as a shared edited research resource. Because, let me tell you, links and articles and news are all too plentiful, it’s in the selecting, grouping, contextualizing and elaborating that we really get a good picture of things.

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