A Brief Meta-Blogging Indulgence

I’m not sure whether the whole weblog phenomenon is ready to implode, eat itself alive, or if there really is a “independent publishing revolution” at hand. Regardless, there is a new on-line ‘zine called Microcontent News that might be worth checking out, if you give half a shit. It takes aim at “low-cost content formats like weblogs, community blogs, webzines, message boards, and ezines.” That’s certainly a good chunk of the ‘net-based media that I care about.

My only hope is that the site is able to be critical, penetrating, and incisive rather than just sucking up to the usual “microcontent” celebrities. Not all apparent microcontent actually is micro, nor should it be. Like “indie creditbility” there are lots of folks who love to jump on the bohemian bandwagon when it suits them when their real intention is to ride the wave and maybe cash in.

To me, “microcontent” should really be about being truly independent, not bucking to get a big media job or get “discovered” and cash in. It’s about having a commitment to doing things outside the mainstream commercial culture because that culture is fundamentally corrupt — and it’s not going to be purified by the entry of one more “independent.” It isn’t about celebrity; it isn’t about the most well-known writers/bloggers/editors/creators/etc/etc. It’s about every individual/citizen/person/being having an opportunity to communicate with someone else, their communities and the world rather than just be communicated at. That’s what “microcontent news” should be about.






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