Argentinians Turn to the ‘Net While Their Mainstream Media Turns Against Them

  • Argentinians Turn to the ‘Net While Their Mainstream Media Turns Against Them
    Wired News has an article on how the Argentine people are using the ‘net as a medium for organizing and exchanging information regarding the deepening financial and political crisis in that country. It notes how Argentina’s mainstream media has largely sided with the government and banks, giving scant fair coverage to the thousands protesting the freezing of their assets. The article also acknowledges that the middle class, which clearly has significant assets in jeopardy along with the resources to use the ‘net, has been a leading force in calling for reform, if not revolution.

    In the months since Dec. 19 when the Argentine government implemented the most stringent austerity policies the Argentina Independent Media Center has also taken on a central role in providing news, information and a communication avenue to the country’s citizens. Indymedia, however, is not tied to economic power and so also gives a forum to voices of significant dissent and who desire much more sweeping changes to the government and economy–not just mere reforms. In fact, according to a notice posted on the site, Argentina IMC has been so effective and popular that they are moving to a new server and site hosted by the San Francisco IMC in order to handle better the increase in traffic and ensure that this vital resource stays on-line. Unfortunately we in the US don’t hear much news about the situation in Argentina (and many, many other countries) unless there is a major breakout of violence or some other enormous event, and so Indymedia is one of the places we can turn.

    Currently a caravan of Indymedia reporters from across the Americas called the mobile i is travelling across Central and South America to research and document “the local alternatives in each region that communities have developed to challenge globalization, alternatives that many have accused the anti- globalization movement of failing to present.” The project is providing specific coverage of events in Argentina, along with the World Social Forum, and other issues. This is a collaborative video and photo project that the organizers hope will not just report but also strengthen connections between citizens and citizen-journalists throughout the hemisphere. They’re looking for donations to help support this project.


  • The Uncovered Causes Behind “Riots” & “Chaos” — People Use Indymedia to Report from the Streets of Argentina 12/20/01

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