Last night I presented my

Last night I presented my proposal for a new mediageek radio show to the WEFT Programming Committee. If the committee sees fit to grant the proposal, it will air Fridays at 5:30 PM after Free Speech Radio News, which I think is a suitable lead-in. Another demo show will air tomorrow during that time slot, with a feature on the Champaign-Urbana Grassroots Wireless Internet Project. That program will be available for listening here sometime this weekend.

The mediageek radio show is a 1/2 hour exploration of grassroots media — the people who are making it, why they’re making it, and how you can make it. You can listen to the first mediageek demo show in the Audio Archive. If it doesn’t get on the air at WEFT it’s likely I won’t be producing any more unless I get a flurry of feedback from ‘net listeners wanting to hear it.






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