IMC-Switzerland Voluntarily Shuts Down Over Charges of Anti-Semitism

  • IMC-Switzerland Voluntarily Shuts Down Over Charges of Anti-Semitism has been covering this story pretty well (look in the center column). I haven’t had the time to properly contextualize the situation and post it here. Luckily Machination’s Matthew has done a pretty good job:

    “The Swiss IMC webpage was shut down today, probably by its own team consensus, after legal pressures from the AKDH became too much. AKDH is a Holocaust survivors/relatives group, aligned with so-called “conservative” or “right wing” politics of the Israeli state.

    While there was no definite legal mandate to shut the site down, given cultural norms and the unique intensity of the situation, the Swiss team chose to put up a splash page and kill the site while trying rational discussion with the complainants offline. The “Children of the Holocaust” did file suit under Swiss law.

    A cartoon, one from many in a series called “We Are All Palestinians”, by a radical Brasillian cartoonist named Carlos Latuff is what caused the conservative uproar. It depicts a Jewish boy, in a Nazi Germany era ghetto, a Star of David sewn into his clothes, proclaiming “I am a Palestinian.” This particular series depicts many icons of oppressed peoples throughout the world today and in popular history proclaiming that same statement as icons of solidarity with the people of Palestine. The cartoon in question is being declared “Anti-Semitic.”

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