The mediageek Radio Show (?)

  • The mediageek Radio Show (?)
    There’s an open slot during the daily public affairs and news slot on WEFT, where I currently do my program Radio Free Conscience. I’m proposing to the WEFT Programming Committee to do a radio version of this website. Using RFC’s policy and political economic bent as a starting point, I want to add more segments about how to use media production technology in addition to paying attention to more cultural issues like ‘zines, independent music labels and such. I’m also trying to mix up every program so there’s a little of each of these things in 2 or 3 segments rather than just one 30 minute interview. I completed a demo program (or a “pilot” as a friend called it) that aired in place of RFC this morning and that I turned into the WEFT PC for consideration.

    You can listen to this show in RealAudio here or in the audio archive. Let me know if you have any comments.

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