ABC Says If There’s Not Enough Violence, It’s Not News

  • ABC Says If There’s Not Enough Violence, It’s Not News
    Chuck0 of the excellent News Kiosk reports that ABC’s Nightline decided not to run a piece they had produced that focuses on a group of protestors at the WEF this past weekend:

    Among the reasons cited by ABC Nightline producer Ted Gerstein is that there was not enough of what the corporate media likes to call “violence” at the demonstration. Ted acknowledged that the actions taken by ABC sends a strong message to protesters that you’re “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” ABC is a member of the World Economic Forum, and has been widely criticized for sending in undercover reporters to videotape protesters’ meetings.

    This is just a disgusting example of the TV “news” mantra, “if it bleeds, it leads,” clearly demonstrating the corporate media’s true disinterest in doing stories that may require a little more context or patience to convey when there’s not a sensational angle to hang it on. Nevermind the time and cooperation invested by the activists who allowed ABC to cover there activities with the understanding that in exchange they would have an opportunity to tell a little bit of their own stories. Apparently to ABC this time and effort investment is worthless. Even though ABC’s already invested the manpower to do the initial coverage, it’s obviously easier to just revert back to following the rest of their journalist lemming peers over the cliff of endless Enron/War on Terror blathering.

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