NYC, WEFT, Protestors and the Media

  • NYC, WEFT, Protestors and the Media
    Things are gearing up in New York City for the World Economic Forum. As I noted yesterday, it seems the local media already has it in for the protestors, and they haven’t even hit the streets yet. On Free Speech Radio News today they did a segment on this, and interviewed a Daily News reporter who said that the papers were primarily covering the police ramp up because the protestors hadn’t yet had a press conference and the press didn’t know who to contact. Of course, the question is, did they bother to try and find someone to contact? It’s not for nothing that corporations and other large organizations employ public relations people to spoon feed the press. The NYC cops have spokespeople who are accessible to the press and who are making their views about the protestors well known — reporters just don’t have to work very hard to cover that angle. Yesterday a group of WEF opponents did hold a packed press conference to give their side of the story to the press, which apparently received some coverage in local papers, including the New York Times. Of course, that’s only after weeks of the NY Police sending out the message that the protestors are actually terrorists. A lazy press is a cop’s best friend.

    Luckily, the NY IMC has been busy preparing itself to cover events from the citizen’s perspective from the streets. They’ve set up live audio streams that are also being rebroadcast by micropower radio stations. You’ll also want to check the NYC IMC for periodic updates from citizen-journalists all over the city.

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