Attacking the Nation’s Largest Radio Giant

  • Attacking the Nation’s Largest Radio Giant
    Attorneys for M&M Broadcasting have filed a petition with the FCC urging the commission to investigate the business practices of Clear Channel, the nation’s largest radio owner, with 460 stations. The petitions allege that Clear Channel “uses front companies to buy and hold radio stations for itself until the FCCÂ’s rules change in its favor.”

    It doesn’t surprise me to hear these allegations, since Clear Channel has developed a well-deserved reputation for being one of the dirtiest players in the broadcast industry. Of course, Clear Channel is allowed to continue its evil ways due to the lack of real oversight by the FCC, which apparently is more concerned with loosening regulations than actually enforcing the law. They’re the clearest evidence I’ve seen that you don’t get to be the nation’s largest broadcaster by following the rules and being a good corporate or local citizen. If you have a Clear Channel station in your area that fails its service, you should consider filing a complaint with the FCC.

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