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    I picked up a cool punk ‘zine called War Against the Idiots at Quimby’s (an excellent read, by the way, look for review soon) and happened on an interview with some volunteers from the Bookmobile Project, which is a traveling bookmobile of zines treking across the US and Canada. I sent them an e-mail hoping they can swing by Urbana on their 2002 tour. I think it’s a great way to get the independent press out to folks who might not otherwise know it exists or how to access it. Unfortunately, since they rely on local sponsors, it’s clearly difficult to get out to more remote, conservative or rural places since somebody there has to know about it. Yet those places could really use to be exposed to that trailer full of literature. That’s more of an observation than a criticism, understanding how difficult it is to pull off such an adventurous project. So, if you live in one of these smaller or more conservative towns, why not consider shaking things up by hosting the Bookmobile?

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