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    Washtech reports that “Lawmakers Urge Stronger Telecom Act Enforcement From FCC” — the focus of attention is local telcos, like SBC/Ameritech, opening up their networks to competitive carriers for all sorts of digital services. Lest anyone think this is an example of pernicious regulation being imposed on free enterprise, it’s important to recall that the telecom industry was instrumental in writing the Telecomm Act, and while they may not have gotten everything they want, they sure as hell made out like bandits nonetheless. Make no mistake, the industry loves regulation because it can be manipulated for their advantage, as long as they can suck it up occasionally. In the real world regulation is just back-room horse-trading, and it’s really those who aren’t invited to the back room — like you and me — who actually lose.

    In other FCC news, the Commission announced that it approved a reorganization of its bureaus, including putting all media related responsibilities, like broadcast and cable television, together into a new Media Bureau. Previously cable TV came under a separate Cable Services Bureau. Congress still has to sign off on the plan.

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