On Sunday’s Radio Free Conscience:

  • On Sunday’s Radio Free Conscience: 2001 Year-End Wrap-up

    Considering how much effort I put into it, I’m astonishingly bad at putting up any info about my radio show–which, incidentally, spawned this website in the first place. On Sunday’s edition I’ll talk for a half-hour with John Anderson, the guide for the radio page at About.com, an avid pirate radio researcher and, most recently, labor radio program producer. We’ll discuss the various events of last year as they relate to grassroots media and low-power radio, and look to see if we can figure out what their impact might be. That’s Sunday 10am on WEFT 90.1 fm in Champaign, IL. I’ll have the program posted in RealAudio in the audio archive in a couple of days.

    Also: See John’s most recent piece on the impending disaster that is digital radio.

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