Some New Additions to mediageek

  • Some New Additions to mediageek
    In my quest to make information on mediageek I’ll be organizing blog posts, articles and other things into what I’m calling the mediageek files. The files will be organized into major subject headings for topics that get a lot of attention here. The first one is on pirate/free/micropower/low-power radio, which you’ll see also linked on the right.

    I also added the mediageek library, which is a collection of books that I think are useful in becoming more aware and savvy about the modern mass media. Each book listing has a short review and a link to where you can buy the book. mediageek gets a small commission on each purchase which helps offset the costs of keeping this non-profit enterprise going. I picked rather than Amazon or another high-profile on-line bookseller because Powells is still very much an independent bookseller that is concerned about and focused on books. Powells got their start in Portland, OR and now their store, the “City of Books,” takes up several city blocks downtown. Simply, Powells approach and philosophy is consistent with my own and those of this site.

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