Happy Birthday Indymedia!

  • Happy Birthday Indymedia!
    Friday, Nov. 23, was the 2nd birthday of the Indymedia revolution. On Nov. 23, 1999, the first Indymedia website went online and received its first post, just days before the streets of Seattle erupted in protest against the meetings of the WTO. The success of the protests and the volunteer citizen-journalists who covered them sparked a new paradigm in alternative media that has now spread to every continent except Antartica. Two years later there are 69 regional Indymedia websites, and many of these regions also have actual physical centers where citizen-created media is made.

    One of these centers is the Urbana-Champaign IMC, where I volunteer too much time. The U-C IMC celebrates the first anniversary of our non-profit incorporation on Friday, Nov. 30, and will celebrate the first anniversary of our space on Jan. 19, 2001. Take my advice: this is the time to get involved in the Indymedia center nearest you!

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