FatChuck’s is keeping a list

  • FatChuck’s is keeping a list of “corrupt CDs” that are made to inhibit your ability to copy them or play them on computers or Playstations (but supposedly play OK on CD players)–via ResearchBuzz.

    Although I guess some poor schmuck has to find out before you that a CD can’t be ripped or enjoyed on your computer, it’s good to know in advance whether or not you should waste your cash on a CD that’s been crippled by the music industry. It’s par for the course that mass-market-produced schlock like the new Britney Spears and Michael Jackson discs are protected, since their shelf-half-life can’t be more than a few months. But I’m surprised that the corrupt CD list includes such avant-gardists as Einstuerzende Neubauten and, in Europe, black-metallers (and anti-Christian) Marduk. Of course, odds are that the artist has little input on this being done to their discs.

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