According to this thread on

  • According to this thread on the Free Radio Network LPFM Grapevine, EBay sent an e-mail to a seller that indicates that it is now prohibiting the sale of low-power FM transmitters on its site. Although when I just did a search for “FM transmitter” moments ago it returned several auctions for equipment useful for micropower operation at a few watts of power — just like the 5 watter that Ebay bounced.

    Of course, Ebay is pretty porous, and all sorts of nefarious, illegal or other stuff deemed unacceptable to the mainstream gets auctioned everyday, apparently despite the company’s filtering efforts. Still, if indeed Ebay is keeping a closer watch for unlicensed transmitters, this may indicate that they’re receiving pressure from authorities of some kind, which may also indicate that more attention is being paid to the selling and distribution of these transmitters, which, it’s important to note, is completely legal. The risk lies in using it.

    Clearly, the best advice is buyer beware.

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