Some quick links I’ve gathered

  • Some quick links I’ve gathered this week, but haven’t had time to comment much on:

    Boulder Weekly reported on Free Radio Boulder on Sept. 6. A lot of the same territory is covered that you see whenever the press covers a free radio station, but at least the article is fair.

    Record industry sues Napster clones while introducing CDs that can’t easily be ripped or copied. The RIAA apparently won’t be happy until we actually don’t have a good way to listen to their music anymore.

    Meanwhile, the feds want to get their hands on your cable TV and Internet service records without informing you. They will find a connection between WWF pay-per-view and terrorist proclivities.

    Boing boing points to a transcript of George Bush’s press secretary warning the press to “watch what you do, watch what you say.” Though the transcript misses the “watch what you say” the attentive guys at boing boing say that line is clearly audible in the realaudio of the talk. If I remember correctly, isn’t that, in effect, what Sen. McCarthy warned us?

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