I’m a little disturbed that

I’m a little disturbed that the “custom search page” at Blogger intended to help people find weblogs that are reporting on the tragedies this morning in NY and DC are using only the search terms “terrorist” and “World Trade” as the heuristic. I don’t mean to jump all over Ev, the guy who is doing his best to cobble something useful together in little time, but these two terms leave out a lot of info–not to mention that “terrorist,” while perhaps accurate abou these events, is nonetheless such a loaded term that it only selects in those webloggers who accept that terrorism is necessarily what has happened, and leaves out those webloggers who might be primarily writing about the human toll, or, like me, also considering the US and World military response. Again, I’m not bashing on Ev, since I think the idea is a good one, I’m only pointing out that these two search terms necessarily limit the sites that will be caught and therefore, to an extent, limit the range of ideas attributed to webloggers. (note that now, since I complained about the word “terrorist”, this weblog will get caught by the search–that is not my intent, but I don’t mind either.)

I suggest that the following words be added: washington, tragedy, airplane, response, nyc. Put these in an “or” relationship, or in a search where any two triggers a result and the results will be far more balanced.






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