Russian Gov’t Retakes Control of Media

  • Russian Gov’t Retakes Control of Media
    According to the RFE/RL Newswire, “Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on 13 August a decree reestablishing federal government control over all of the Russia’s broadcasting and relay stations for television and radio signals by consolidating them under the management of a single government corporation.” Defending the decree, the Russian Media Minister says that the gov’t is the only entity that can adequately fund the media.

    Both President Putin and former President Yeltsin have had their fair share of conflict with the Russian media, with Putin taking a much harder line. While an American venture capitalist was readying to take over the Russian TV network NTV, is consolidated gov’t control over the media an improvement? Unfortunately, I am not well informed on the state of Russian politics and the media, but I fear that neither option is very good.

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    1. Merlin Avatar

      While, they must have had reasons for taking control of the media, it wasn’t in the best intrests of their country. By taking control, they have limited the amount of information that gets through to their people, which might have been there purpose. However, they must remember that they are no longer communist but democratic. Being this, if they make a wrong move, they can be voted out of office. I believe that these people probably forgot this and decided to go ahead with this ludicrous decision.

      While I might be influenced by my Americanism, and therefore my belief that freedom of the press is wrong, it must be put into play that those that are in charge of that powerful country may be planing for something that they shouldn’t.

      Please, don’t get me wrong, I do think that on occasion, maybe a little too much, the media goes over with what they should be talking about, but by limiting the amount of information that gets through, they are inturn creating problems that are currently unforseen. This being, freedom of the press throughout the world should be required, althoughlimits to what they may cover might be a good idea.

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