While many pundits and commentators

  • While many pundits and commentators have been sounding the death of Internet radio or bemoaning its quality, PC Magazine’s John C. Dvorak praises Live365.com, for its user-supplied mix of eclectic programming. He especially likes the streams of old-time radio programs and 50s top-40 hits, but there are thousands of other channels to choose from.

    I like Live365, too, especially since they provide an avenue for free webcasting–they pick up all relevant music licensing fees–using streaming mp3 technology. Anyone can set up a stream. The only caveat is that there’s no on-demand listening and the listener has no control over the stream–just like regular radio, there’s no forward or rewind. Their upper bandwidth limit of 56kbps for stereo music is still a little low for my tastes — it’s a fine bitrate for mono, but for stereo I think 80 – 96 kbps is really the bottom for decent audio quality. Dvorak notes that Live365 is burning through around $1 million a month, so I guess I can understand why they’d want to limit bandwidth somewhat. Of course, with that kind of burn-rate it’s reasonable to wonder how they’ll make a profit, and therefore how long they’ll stick around. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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