Cheap(er) DIY Video: Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge

  • Cheap(er) DIY Video: Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge
    Digital Post Production has a review of this little box that digitizes analog video (from your VHS, 8mm or Hi-8 VCR or camcorder) and outputs it to DV (firewire, iLink). It’s intended to be used with computers that have a DV interface, like most Macs, so you don’t have to install a more expensive analog video capture card. I’ve seen this thing advertised quite a bit and wondered about how good it would be, since it only costs $299 retail. The guys at DPP think it’s great and give it high marks, saying it does a better job of digitizing than using the analog inputs on Sony’s hi-end prosumer PD-150A camcorder. It’s also convenient because your digitized video is in DV format and easily mixed with native DV from a digital camcorder, and easily shared cross-platform, which is harder with MPEG2 or other proprietary hardware codecs. Now I’m curious to try one out myself.

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