Speaking of Internet Radio… Kill Radio

  • Speaking of Internet Radio… Kill Radio
    The LA Weekly has a nice feature story on Kill Radio, a free-form Internet radio station in LA that grew out of the LA Indymedia Center’s on-line station that covered the Democratic Convention last Fall, and is the new home for DJs from a defunct pirate station. So much about Kill Radio reminds me of my college and community radio experiences–this quote especially: “THOUGH IT CALLS ITSELF A COLLECTIVE, there appears to be no sense of community at Kill Radio, apart from a core group of DJs who attend every meeting. Many slip in late at night, staying just long enough to do their hourlong shows. Some don’t listen to the station at all, or even know their comrades’ names.”

    But I think that’s the nature of a medium where only one show can be on at once, and so everyone has to take her turn in serial fashion. And maybe that’s also it’s strength, because by each person taking a turn, not everyone has to agree about everything, or even on fundamental philosophies, since each has her own separate show. They only have to agree on the fact that each has a right and a reason to be on the air (or net). That simple consensus shouldn’t be discounted, and I think it certainly comes through in this article.

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