More on Ohio Valley IMC Subpoena:

  • More on Ohio Valley IMC Subpoena:
    According to the new Indymedia FBI News page, Josh Robinson, the owner of the domain name, is ignoring a subpoena issued him to appear in front of an Cincinnati, Ohio grand jury, regarding an article posted to the Ohio Valley IMC website. Apparently the subpoena was served to him improperly–he never received it in writing, just via e-mail (?)–and is not valid because he and his webserver live outside the grand jury’s jurisdiction–he lives on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River.

    It’s sort of comical, watching these police attempts to obtain Indymedia records, since in the Seattle IMC case and in this case the police and feds have made errors that demonstrate nothing but incompetence. It appears that Cincinnati authorities are unable to obtain the proper subpoena nor serve it correctly, while the FBI and Secret Service cannot obtain a court order that sufficiently specifies what they’re looking for and where it is. But the authorities may actually get their act together, so these are nonetheless signs that Indepednent Media must be prepared.

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