Human Rights Radio Is Back

Human Rights Radio Is Back On the Air!
The pioneering Springfield, IL microradio broadcaster Mbanna Kantako was raided by the FCC and local authorities twice last year, after operating his unlicensed Human Rights Radio for more than ten years. I just received word from his frequent spokesperson Mike Townsend, a University of Illinois-Springfield professor, that Kantako is back on the air.

Townsend reports: “Kantako, frequently referred to as the Father of the Micro-Radio Movement, returned his micro station, Human Rights Radio (106.5 FM) to the air on Tuesday, March 20. Those of you who have followed the Kantako chronicles, for the past 13½ years, know that he has been raided and ripped off-the-air by the FCC Thought Police, and their local armed forces (called
Multi-Jurisdictional SWAT Teams), two times in the last six months. Well, “He’s Baaaack!” and once again in violation of a federal court order not to broadcast.

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