More on NPR Prez Kevin Klose:

  • More on NPR Prez Kevin Klose:
    First, apologies for not finishing the Klose Encounter story. My excuse: my cable modem was out all weekend (leaving me a strung-out cable-modem-junkie — damn those things are like crack).
    But, WILL, last week’s host to Mr. Klose, has posted on-line the program where I questioned him about low-power FM. Click here to listen to the whole program in Real Audio.

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    1. Donna Avatar

      Dear Paul,

      I hope the word “media geek” is not taken as derogatory.Mr. Klose does not sound or look “geeky” at all. I heard him talk in Buffalo and Toronto…quite eloquent…not a single snort was heard.Then again…I may just be in love with the guy!

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