CNET News has an article

  • CNET News has an article on outgoing FCC chair William Kennard’s “record of controversial compromise.” It explores the way Kennard tried to walk the line between industry-friendly deregulation and the public interest. LPFM is an example of this type of compromise, where Kennard tried to recreate a service that would give community broadcasting a tiny inroad into the broadcast landscape while also attempting to stem the tide of unlicensed broadcating. But in the process he really pissed off the broadcast industry and public radio, who see LPFM as nothing but a threat to their bottom line, no matter how small a threat it is. The article notes that he failed to satisfy both the industry and public interest groups, neither of which felt he went far enough in their favor.

    Unfortunately this is indicative of the “winner takes all” nature of our contemporary political and economic systems, that is ultimately harmful to all citizens. I do think Kennard sincerely attempted some productive compromises during his tenure, but the system and the players are simply intolerant of meeting anything half-way. I do not mean to say that I support most of Kennard’s efforts or decisions–since they mostly degraded the agency of citizens in their own media environment–but I do respect any effort to try and bring together disparate vested interests.
    While revolution may be the rallying cry for many who desire real media reform, bringing sides together for compromise I think can ultimately be more constructive. But without willingness–and by far the broadcast industry is most unwilling–this can’t even begin.

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